Robinson Tryon

Robinson Tryon

Senior Programmer

Robinson joined the lab in 2004 and has developed both Halyard and Flash games, as well as providing Sysadmin and various technical support duties. He's the author of the standard set of libraries for Halyard (as well as its predecessor, Tamale).

He graduated from Dartmouth in 2004 with a BA in Computer Science, with a particular interest in Free and Open-Source Software systems and in Human-Computer Interaction and human perception of computer systems. He has worked with professors in multiple Dartmouth departments on website and database design, as well as spending time working with Research Computing on the transition of server infrastructure to secure protocols such as SSH.

When not at the lab, he enjoys cooking and baking, tinkering on various gadgets and inventions, ice skating, hiking, and enjoying the diverse seasons of the Upper Valley.

Robinson is currently working on game development with Tiltfactor Lab.