Primary Care of the HIV/AIDS Patient: A Virtual Clinic

Screenshots from Primary Care of the HIV/AIDS Patient: A Virtual Clinic

(UPDATE: This program has been retired, no CME credit available at this time.)

This program, developed by the Interactive Media Lab and the Columbia School of Nursing, focuses on training health care providers and medical students to care for HIV patients. The program offers the user a chance to play the long-term physician, and gives a first hand sense of the emotional impact of HIV/AIDS on individual patients.

The interactive video, sound, and graphics move the user through a "virtual clinic" that includes an orientation, a learning resources room, and encounters with a "virtual patient," a 20-year-old student named Laurie Matthews. Users interact with this patient extensively: prior to the diagnosis, soon afterwards, and years later. The patient's responses vary, depending on which questions are asked by the user, as well as how the user answers questions posed by the patient herself. For example, users can ask about the patient's sexual practices, or, based on cues from the patient, ask about her thoughts on having children. The learning resources room includes lectures and activities, as well as interviews with real patients from different walks of life.