The Main Session can be used in a single, 50-minute class period. The Main Session includes a general orientation to the topic and application of the 5 A's methodology (full or modified) with an interactive simulated patient.

We recommend that you go through the Main Session in its entirety, but you can access just the simulated patient encounter as well.


The Supplemental Session contains additional resources that can be viewed during a second class period. These include clinical demonstrations and three lectures:

  • Pharmacology
  • Nature of Addiction
  • Motivational Interviewing

Instructor's Guide

Here you will find materials on the set-up and use of this program in group settings.

Resources: Classroom Use

These resources are geared towards instructors who intend to use the resources in group settings: classrooms, seminars, conference workshops, etc.

There are two resource sections available for classroom use:

There's also an Instructor's Guide on using these resources in group settings.

The sessions act as a "toolkit" of content resources for teaching faculty, which can be used in different ways. You can access the content directly from this site (Play), or you can download the materials for offline use and situations where you may not have broadband Internet access (Download).

In order to use these resources, you will need Adobe's Flash Player Plug-In and a broadband connection.

For more details regarding system hardware requirements and other support questions, please check the Help section.