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Acts of cyberterrorism, such as the "Love Bug" virus and loss of air traffic control at Worcester Airport, have gained widespread media attention. Fortunately, no fatalities resulted from these incidents; the possibility of more serious attacks, however, is very real. A Socratic Dialogue, composed of panelists from such varying fields as law enforcement, emergency services, private industry, and information security, was conducted with the purpose of illuminating some of the more pressing issues regarding cyberterrorism and providing insight into possible solutions.

Imagine the following:

As the passengers of Blue Skies Flight 2002 head toward a major sporting event in Metropolis, the pilot comes on the public address system with some news: the air traffic control computers at Metropolis International Airport have just gone down. The news is frustrating, both for the passengers and for the city's "first responders"- police, fire, Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) - who have been planning and preparing for the big day, but no one is especially concerned; after all, the air traffic control computer crash is certainly no more than a fluke, an accident which no doubt will be repaired soon...

You can view the dialogue in a number of ways. You can view the Socratic Dialogue in its entirety, or search for particular sections you would like to see. A transcript is also available, as well as brief biographies of the twelve panelists and the moderator. For further information on cyberterrorism, go to the resources page.

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